LEGEND. Jurmala

Report of completed construction works on 30.09.2014


Villa Dietrich and Villa Hemingway were commissioned and connected to urban gas utilities and had their heating systems turned on.
Refinement of the hall and stairs is still in progress in Villa Dietrich.
Interior works are still in progress in Villa Hemingway as per the interior project.
Villa Tiffany Facade restoration is still in progress, roofing works are completed and installation of utility networks and internal partition is conducted.
Villa Churchill Installation of heating units and separation walls is conducted. Floor filling was performed at the underground parking lot and stone laying is conducted on the stairs.
Villa Hepburn Installation of terraced fencing, facade glazing and decorative elements, separation walls, winterization and hydroisolation of balconies is conducted. Distribution of heating networks is still in progress. Installation of utilities is in completion phase. Installation of internal partition and pool equipment is conducted in the SPA area.