LEGEND. Jurmala


According to the conclusions of the company BLACKWOOD, the cost per square meter in the complex LEGEND will increase by 20% just in the process of construction, and then the price will rise by 10% each year. The apartments block LEGEND. is a truly unique facility in Jurmala, and the only one of its kind. It is located on the most expensive land in Latvia, its personality is emphasized by the architectural design, and its quality level is maintained from the time of designing to construction, including the process of operation and maintenance.

Location, architectural uniqueness, interior design, quality construction and materials, environmental and human-friendliness, safety, site infrastructure, service - the apartment complex LEGEND. claims the highest rank in the premium class of the Baltic real estate for each of these positions. Developments of this kind are traditionally considered to be the safest investment in real estate in the world. Their supply is limited, but interest in them is always high. This property is not "aging", it only grows in value.