LEGEND. Jurmala


The outstanding singer and actress Marlene Dietrich had a phenomenal sense of style. The combination of refined classics and extravagant accents in the architecture of Villa Dietrich is the embodiment of the passionate and controversial nature, the inimitable charm of splendid Marlene.
The sublime Villa Dietrich is laconic and mysterious. The fused tinted glass of the building facades acquires texture, plays and sparkles in the sun as the luxurious outfits of Marlene Dietrich. The architect uses classical balustrades on balconies and the traditional building material of wood, typically characteristic of the Jurmala architecture.
The four-storey building with a panoramic lift has 26 apartments ranging from 60 m² to 250 m², with floor-to-ceiling windows, spacious balconies, terraces or private land plots. Ceiling height in the apartments is 3 meters. Underground parking is provided for 34 cars.
The advantage of Villa Dietrich is the vast space and the true triumph of freedom: the ceiling height in the front hall is 7 meters. Natural lighting of public spaces at all levels is provided by atriums that permeate the building from the glass roof of the fourth floor to the ground floor hall.
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